Prabhjot Singh Chadha - Full Stack Visionary, Building Future-Ready Solutions

Welcome to my portfolio – where innovation and creativity converge. I am Prabhjot Singh, a Full Stack Engineer driven by the excitement of transforming concepts into reality. Presently, I lead the charge at FPS Lounge, orchestrating a skilled team of developers, steering key product decisions, and relentlessly pushing the frontiers of innovation. With a solid foundation of over 6 years in the industry, I've mastered the art of sculpting elegant solutions out of complex problems. Delve into my portfolio to witness the seamless blend of technical expertise and creativity that fuels my work. I look forward to sparking a conversation with you.

My Neovim Configuration

I use Neovim as my main editor for programming and developing any application. Neovim is much faster as compare to VSCode or other applications. In this artice I will tell you how you can configure your Neovim for daily programming activities.

Introducing Animaginary: High performance web animations

When you’re building a website for a company as ambitious as Planetaria, you need to make an impression. I wanted people to visit our website and see animations that looked more realistic than reality itself.

Rewriting the cosmOS kernel in Rust

When we released the first version of cosmOS last year, it was written in Go. Go is a wonderful programming language, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen an article on the front page of Hacker News about rewriting some important tool in Go and I see articles on there about rewriting things in Rust every single week.

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    FPS Lounge
    Tech Lead
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    L&T Technologies Services
    Software Engineer
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