I’m Prabhjot. I live in India, where I design the future.

Hello and welcome! As passionate Software Engineer and Technical Lead with over six years of experience. I've been immersed in the vibrant world of technology from an early age, intrigued by the underlying mechanics of computer games and software.

From writing my first program at 7, to designing blogging websites on WordPress and dabbling with iOS apps during the Swift 2 era, I was honing my coding skills even before my formal education in engineering.

After graduation, I kickstarted my professional journey at L&T Technology Services where I managed crucial internal databases and applications. My dedicated efforts were acknowledged with multiple awards during the Covid period. However, issues related to compensation and health prompted me to seek new horizons, leading me to the freelance world on Upwork.

Today, I am a Technical Lead at FPS Lounge, where I use my technical prowess to shape the future of gaming. At FPS, I am building a transformative coaching platform for gamers, enabling them to hire top professional gamers from around the globe. As a key decision-maker, I play a pivotal role in the evolution of our product, solving complex problems, leading a team of talented developers, and continually refining our platform to enhance user experience.

My journey through diverse projects and roles has armed me with an ability to navigate complex challenges, especially in the realm of web-based applications. My past experiences have endowed me with the ability to make impactful decisions, develop effective solutions, and lead teams with passion and purpose. I am now eager to take these skills to new heights, bringing value and innovation wherever I go.

Thank you for visiting my page. I am always excited to connect with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators. Let's create something remarkable together!